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cca 1822-1856 Kézdiszentlélek (Erdély), Kozma Pál Zaránd megyei főispán több mint 30 éven át vezetett könyve kiadásairól és bevételeiről több száz oldalon, magyar nyelven, első lapon névbejegyzésével, halála utáni évtől feltehetően egy családtagja által tovább vezetve, korabeli pergamenkötésben + 5 db további levél és okmány, közte 1 db levél Kozma Lajostól 1848-ból / Kozma Pál's Manuscript Ledger (1822-1856) - Rare Historical Document from Kézdiszentlélek (Sânsimion RO), Transylvania providing an unique glimpse into the financial records and activities of Kozma Pál, the chief notary (fősipán) of Zaránd County, over a span of more than 30 years, approximately from 1822 to 1856. This meticulously kept ledger is a handwritten account, spanning hundreds of pages, in the Hungarian language. It chronicles Kozma Pál's expenditures, incomes, and various financial transactions during his tenure. The ledger's first page features Kozma Pál's name, and it is believed to have been continued by a family member after his passing, making it an even more precious historical document. The manuscript is bound in a period-appropriate parchment cover, which adds to its authenticity and historical significance. In addition to the ledger, this lot also includes five other documents and letters, among them a letter from Kozma Lajos dating back to 1848. This ledger is more than just a financial record; it is a testament to the economic activities and life of a significant figure in Kézdiszentlélek/ Sânsimion, in Transylvania, during the 19th century. It offers valuable insights into the economic and administrative aspects of the region during that era.



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