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Major auction

42. Major Auction

From 5. April to 3. May (Live Auctions) and to 4. May (Online Auction). You can bid on the highlighted lots on Live Auction at 3. May, and all other lots at our website until 18 pm CET on 4. May.

The 42. Major Auction has three parts:

1. Live Auction: Hungarian philately (1-459)

date: 3. May 2024 from 9:30 am (CET)

2. Live Auction: Numismatics (30000-30052), paintings, works of art, paper antiques (10001-10336)

date: 3. May 2024 from 18:00 pm (CET)

3. Online Auction: more philately (from lot 459), Numismatics (from lot 30060), paintings, works of art, paper antiques (from lot 11000), postcards

end of the Auction: 4. May 18:00 pm (CET)


Personal viewing: 22. April - 2. May 2024

Address: 16 Andrássy St, Budapest 1061 Hungary

Opening hours:
Monday: 12-17
Tuesday-Wednesday: 10-17
Thursday: 10-19



  • You can follow the virtual auction by clicking on the red LIVE AUCTION page on the side of the homepage.
  • This will take you to a new page. Only here will be the new live auction, on the regular pages you can bid the usual way.
  • You can make bids for the current lots only.
  • You can make bids by entering a number or by clicking the hammer next to the bid space.
  • This page refreshes itself, so you do not need to push refresh.
  • When bidding is about to end for an item the bidding space with the numerals will glow red for 3 seconds. If someone makes a bid during this time glowing will stop and regular bidding will continue until there is any bid. If no more bids are made glowing will start again and then it will close by hammering.
  • If the items is sold " Sold " sign will appear and the item will come automaticly.
  • If an item is called back for bidding " Re-called " bidding sign will appear. Bidding will start from the begining again.
  • If you missed an item you can buy it in the sale of unsold lots on the main page.

After the auction

Item pickup from 7. May

Our office will be closed on 6. May (Monday).

Payment due: 16. May

Sale of the unsold lots until 16. May 7 am CET

Pay-off from 21. May

The live auction

Date: 3. May (Friday)

Address: Radisson Blu Béke Hotel

1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 43.

The live auction has two part:

I. Aucion: Hungarian philately (1-459)

Starting: from 9:30 am CET on 3. May (Friday)

II. Auction: Numismatics (30000-30052), paintings, works of art, paper antiques (10001-10336)

Starting: from 18:00 pm CET on 3. May (Friday)

You can bid at the hotel in person, or online or via telephone. If you want to bid via telephone, please let us know until 30. April.

If you would like to follow the auction at online, you must clicking on the red LIVE AUCTION page on the website.

Bid increments

up to 1000 HUF 100 HUF
up to 5000 HUF 200 HUF
up to 10 000 HUF 500 HUF
up to 20 000 HUF 1 000 HUF
up to 50 000 HUF 2 000 HUF
up to 100 000 HUF 5 000 HUF
up to 200 000 HUF 10 000 HUF
up to 500 000 HUF 20 000 HUF
up to 1 000 000 HUF 50 000 HUF
from 1 000 000 HUF 100 000 HUF

Buyer's comission: 25%

The online auction lots are available at our website Placing an online bid is available with an activated client number. Please read and accept our terms and conditions before bidding.

E-mail / phone / fax bids are accepted until 5pm.

Ownership of a won auction item is transferred to the buyer after paying the hammer price + 25% buyer's premium. A 5% late fee will be charged for payments not received within 4 weeks of purchase. In case of floor auction lots, buyer complaints are accepted only at the venue. Complaints about shipped auction lots are accepted within 72 hours after delivery. Filing a complaint about any collection lots or items including more than 5 stamps, postcards etc. are not accepted at all. Darabanth Auction House reserves the right, with no further explanation or notice, to exclude anyone from the auction.

Terms and conditions

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Opening hours

  • Monday: 12-17
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: 10-17
  • Thursday: 10-19
  • Friday: closed
  • Weekend: closed

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