Continuous online auctions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the next auction?

We are organizing Online auctions twice a month (the first and the third Thursday of each month) and two major auctions a year. For the exact dates please go to the Events.

2. What's the consignment deadline?

Consignments may be submitted anytime in our office and the consigned items are rather soon auctioned because of our regular auction schedule. For a given auction you can submit your material three weeks prior to the closing date.

3. When can I pick up my items from your office?

Personal pickup of the won items is available from 10am on the first work day after the auction closing date (which is Monday after a regular Online auction closing on Thursday). Our major auctions are usually held at weekends, so in such cases our office is closed on the following Mondays and you can pick up your items from Tuesday 10am.

4. Is there really no way I could pick up my items on Friday even if I am coming from a faraway city and I am busy throughout the week?

Sorry but our office is closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so picking up your items on these days is not possible.

5. Do the experts come to my place?

Usually they don't but in case of larger and more valuable collections this option can be subject of negotiation. We are looking forward to any interest and proposal during our opening hours.

6. Do I have to make an appointment before visiting your office?

In case you would like to sell or auction your items, please just visit our office during our opening hours. There is no need to make an appointment but if you have a larger or a more exclusive collection, it is better to contact one of our experts in advance.

7. How much does appraisal cost?

Appraisal is free of charge except in case of large, time-consuming collections. The cost of such appraisals is subject of negotiation. No e-mail or phone aprraisals!

8. Where should I bring my items?

Philately, coins and banknotes, medals and postcards: first floor Paintings, books, photos, old documents, decorative items, chinaware and other vintage collectibles: third floor

9. For selling items, what kind of personal documents shall I bring along?

In case you want to sell your items to us, please bring along your personal ID or passport, otherwise we cannot pay for you.

10. Can I only bring consignments to your auctions or can I also sell you items for cash?

Certainly, cash buying is available. Our experts can name a cash buying price or a suggested auction starting price as well.

11. If the item is large or if it's an extensive collection, is it enough if I send you a photo of it?

It is worth sending us such pictures because this way we can tell in advance whether the items are worth being brought to our office.

12. My coins have stains or dirt on them. Shall I clean them before I bring them to you?

No! If a noncompetent person cleans the coins, he can cause damage to them or enirely ruin the value of the coins.

13. I forgot my client number. What should I do?

You can request a client number reminder or you can set a new password anytime at the login site. If you have further problems, please contact us.

14. How can I collect the money after my consignments?

The unsold auction items are available for a couple more days after the closing of the auction. Payments after sold consignments are available according to the dates published at our website. Consignors of our major auctions are also informed by email.

15. What does the sale of the unsold lots mean?

The unsold items are available for the starting price (+ 25% buyer's premium) for 4-5 days after the closing of the auction.

16. How can I place a bid?

You need to register at the 'Login, registration' section of our website in order to be able to place bids at our auctions. In case you have no access to a computer, you can send your bids over the phone or via fax.

17. How can I place a bid by phone?

Please call our customer service, so that our colleagues could register your bids. IMPORTANT: Bidding over the phone (and also by e-mail or fax) is only available until half an hour before the auction closing.

18. The auction is already online but some photos are missing. How is that possible?

We are auctioning 11000-14000 lots per auction so it takes some time to upload all of the photos. Our colleagues do their best to accomplish this task as soon as possible but sometimes this takes 1-2 more days. The images are uploaded continuously.

19. Can I participate in the auctions personally?

We are organizing Online auctions twice a month, which means that you can view the lots personally (at our office) but the auction itself takes place online. We are holding two major auctions a year with the chance to bid personally in a Budapest auction hall (not all collecting fields, so please read the auction catalogues carefully)

20. Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our items are matching the given descriptions and for this we take on the responsibility. Please note whenever an item description contains the words 'signed' or 'without guarantee'.

21. More bids on an auction lot, still it is sold for the starting price. How is that possible?

An auction lot is always sold to the highest bidder. It is possible that the very same person places multiple bids or more bidders offer the same amount (either over the phone or by e-mail) - in the latter case the auction lot is sold to the first bidder.

22. How much does shipping cost?

We are always aiming at the quickest and most efficient method of shipping. International shipping methods are registered mail (or per request ordinary mail as well), EMS Hungarian express mail service or DPD parcel service. For more informations about the shipment see our Terms and conditions.

23. Some of my consigned items have not been sold at the auction and I would like to submit these to the next auction once again. Why isn't it possible?

Our consecutive auctions are both available for a couple of days. As one item cannot be enlisted in two auctions at the same time, we can only enlist it at every second auction.

24. Is personal viewing available for the complete online material?

Not entirely. A newly uploaded auction material could only be viewed within the given time period (for storage capacity reasons).

25. How can I view the auction items personally?

Firstly, you need to fill in a personal viewing form with your personal data, client number and the requested auction lot numbers. For this reason it is useful to note down the lot numbers before your visit.You can view 30 items with one viewing sheet.Please return all the items in their original condition after the viewing.

Terms and conditions



For the full use of our websites, and to buy the item added to the shopping cart, registering online is necessary. During the registration, we handle your given data confidentially. We respond with pleasure to any of your questions regarding the registration, via email or on the phone.

Steps of the registration:

  • During the registration, you have to give your personal data. Please take care of completing the form correctly, as we will need these data when shipping your orders.
  • During registration you can give a username with which you can log in. If you don't choose a username, you can log in only with your client number. You can choose the username only once, later it can be changed by the customer service.
  • Please give your password, read and accept the conditions for the use of webshop and the auction, then give the security number shown in the picture.
  • When giving your data, you can choose which catalogues and auctions are you interested in. This is not obligatory. You can unsubscribe from the letters sent by our company, by sending an email to .

Successful registration:

  • After filling out the form correctly, and clicking on the „Registration” button, we will send an email to the address given by you which will contain a link and an „Activation” button.
  • By either clicking on the link or on the „Activation” button you can finalize your registration to our websites.
  • At the end of the registration process, your client number will be sent to the email address given at the registration.
  • After logging in, you have to activate your mobile number to start shopping or bidding.


Please, give an existing mobile number and email address! Your password will not be sent to you by email! Filling the entry fields marked by asterisk (*) is necessary.


Logging in

After the successful registration you may log in. Your client number will be sent to the email address given by you.

First page (Data needed for logging in):

  • Please give your client number / username and password.
  • To log in, you have to click on the „Log in” button.

Second page (Further data needed for logging in):

  • Please select how would you like to take over and pay for the items purchased.
  • Setting up the payment and the shipping method. You can set here if you want to change/set up the payment and the shipping method only at the „Personal data, password change” menu. Once you set this, next time you sign in the second page of the logging in will not appear anymore. This way you can speed up your future log-ins.
  • To log in, you have to click on the „Log in” button.


Filling the entry fields marked by asterisk (*) is necessary.


Forgotten client number

Asking for a new client number can be as important as a forgotten password. Please give the email address used at the registration, type in the security number on the picture, then click on the „Send” button. If you forgot your client number, you can log in with your username. You can check your client number in your account after logging in.


You will not get a new client number and you will not have to choose a new one, we will only inform you of your currently used client number. Filling the entry fields marked by asterisk (*) is necessary.


Personal data, change of password

This page and its functions are available only after a successful login. If your necessary data prove to be incomplete or not proper, we cannot accept your orders. By clicking on the „Modify” button you can save you new or your changed data.

You can find here your personal data given at the registration.

Personal data:

  • Changing the email address:

    Regarding the change of address only one notification email will be sent to you, where you have to confirm your new email address. If this was successful, you can see your new email address at your page.

  • Setting the shipping and the payment method:

    You can set here if you want to change/set up the payment and the shipping method at the „Personal data, password change” menu only. Once you set this, next time you log in the second page of the logging in will not appear anymore. This way you can speed up your future log-ins.

  • Other registration data:

    You can choose which type of newsletter you want to recieve from us.

  • Changing your password:

    If you want to change your password, please give your old password first, then the new one. In case of password change we will send a notification email at the email address given at the registration.

  • Mobile number:
    • Changing the mobile number:

      In case of a new or modified number you will have to activate the number.

    • Activating the mobile number:

      For a successful bid and purchase you will have to activate your mobile number.

      After clicking on the „Activate mobile number” button a code in SMS will be sent to your new mobile number and a field asking for this code will appear under the new phone number.

      If you have given the SMS code correctly, the new activated mobile number will be shown at your page.

      Lastly, we will inform you via email as well that your new mobile number has been successfully activated.

      If the SMS has not arrived or was deleted, you have the opportunity for repeating the activation. In this case a new SMS will be sent to your new mobile number.

      For your help, you can follow the activation process in the SMS history appearing at the bottom of the page.

    Unsubscribe from our newsletter:

    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by our website at the Personal Data option or by our unsubscription link at the bottom of the newsletter.


Filling the entry fields marked by asterisk (*) is necessary.


Forgotten password

You have to give your client number or username, email adress and the security code in the picture then press the "Send" button. If you filled out the form correctly, you will receive an email with the subject „Replace forgotten password”, which will contain a „Give your new password” button and a link.

After clicking on the button or on the link, the „forgotten password” page will load in, where you have to give your NEW password.

If you filled out every field at the new password page correctly, your new password will be set and we will send you a notification email at the end of the process.


The email address has to be identical with the one we already recorded at the registration. We will not send the forgotten password to you under any circumstances, therefore you have to acquire and give a new password in each case! For your very safety, the new password will not be sent to you by email either. Filling the entry fields marked by asterisk (*) is necessary.


Forgotten username

It's not possible to change the forgotten username or sending it in e-mail. If you are logged in to your account with your client number and password, you can check your username there.

If you don't know either of your login data (username, client number) then you can ask to send the client number via e-mail. After logging in you will see your username.


Auction regulation

  1. The Darabanth Co. organizes, arranges and leads auctions on the behalf of the sellers. Following the registration, everyone can take part at the auction, however the Co. reserves the right to exclude anyone out of the auction without any further justification.
  2. Persons participating at, or shipping to the auctions of Darabanth Co. by making an offer or by transferring the nominated items accept the conditions of this contract and consider it to be obligatory.
  3. Prior to the auctions, the Darabanth Co. ensures that the items can be viewed at its office (1061 Budapest, 16 Andrássy street), according the previously announced viewing period, and during the official opening hours.
  4. Items are to be described by the seller or by the Co. according to their best knowledge, along with the item’s mistakes. Mistakes left undescribed are under the Company’s responsibility, except if the mistakes were visible without description in the auction’s online catalogue, or during the personal viewing.
  5. The Co. takes responsibility for any damage done or for possible reclamations caused by innacurate descriptions. Damages resulting from obvious mistakes and mistypes shall be reimbursed by returning the item or the full price of it.
  6. The Co. takes limitless responsibility for the originality of the items on the auction, except if the description refers to items of unreliable status (ex. without guarantee/garancia nélkül, marked/jelzéssel, possibly fake/hamis?).
  7. In case of greater items or larger collections (more than 50 items), a +-3% difference from the previously given quantity is allowed.

Delete of an offer

  1. According to the 6:64. §. of the Civic Code the user making a valid bid is bound to his bid until the closing of the auction, as the exclusion of the bid’s validity due to the nature of the auction service is not possible. The period of the bid validity covers the auction period. The delete of the offer is the Company’s responsibility if such a mistake of the item comes into light which was previously not marked in the description and could have not be seen either on the picture or at the personal viewing. In other cases the Darabanth Co. cannot be obliged to delete an offer.

    If the bid was made accidentally, the Co. deletes the offer in case if:

    • the delete is asked in writing (via email or fax) at least 24 hours before the closing of the auction. If the closing is at weekend, the deadline is Friday 5 p.m.
    • no more than 2 bids have arrived at the item following the accidental bid
    • only the accidental bid has arrived at the item.
  2. After the closing of the auction the bid cannot be deleted, the buyer is obliged to take over and pay for the won item, except if certain previously unseen mistakes are revealed afterwards, which make the resumption possible.

Return policy, Online Dispute Resolution

  1. The client is not obliged to take over the item won at the auction, or can ask for its resumption following the delivery in the following cases:

    • His bid has been registered at the wrong item because of a mistake made by the company’s employee and this can be proven in writing or can be held possible based on the previous buyings or on the collecting area.
    • The description of the item does not match reality, and the mistake can seriously affect the judgement and the value of the item.
    • The item has a mistake which has not been recorded, except if the item has previously been viewed by the client, either in person, or online (if the mistake can be identified online as well).
    • The item is fake.
    • In cases of drawings and paintings a professional opinion in writing is necessary if the buyer holds that the item is fake.
    • In case of philately, postcards and numismatics if the quality of the item has not been properly described.
    • In the case of a claim about the authenticity of a philatelic item with a hammer price over 50 000 HUF, the claim must be supported with a certificate of a forensic expert.
    • If the description of the item has been misleading.
    • In case of a possible resumption of the item delivered by post, the Darabanth Co. pays for the costs of the resumption afterwards.
  2. If you take over the item personally at our office, the reclamation can be made on the spot only. If a valid reclamation arises regarding only some of the items purchased, the buyer is not free of the obligation of taking over the rest of the items.
  3. If the item was ordered via postal or courier services, the reclamation is accepted within 3 days following the delivery.
    IMPORTANT: We can validate the reclamations towards the shipping company regarding possible mistakes or damages made during the shipment only if the damage of the package is immediately stated by the buyer towards the shipping person and/or stated in writing, or if the buyer refuses to accept the package in case of serious damage. If this does not happen, and the shipping company becomes free of compensation, the Darabanth Co. holds no further responsibilities either! If the package appears to be seriously harmed, and its content is possibly damaged as well, please insist on reporting it in an official record.
  4. In case of items consisting of multiple pieces and in case of collections we cannot accept any reclamations following the delivery.
  5. We can not take responsibility and will not pay damages for paintings' broken glass or damaged frame.
  6. In case of unsettled claims costumers may use the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform of the European Commission. It can be reached here:

Payment conditions

  1. The items get into the possession of the buyer only after paying a 25% comission after the hammer price. If the item is not personally received, the buyer is obliged to pay the insurance and the postage fees. You can find a detailed description regarding postage under the shipment menu.
  2. The online auctions at the Darabanth Co. proceed automatically. Every bidder has equal chances for winning the item, but in case of two identical bids the earlier wins. The website presents the bids in real time. Every bid appears instantly.
  3. There is no minimum bid or a reserve price, the Darabanth Co. sells the item to the highest bidder.

Detailed regulation of the online auction, technical support

  1. You can start bidding and shopping in the webshop only after logging in. When logging in please set the shipping and delivery method of the recently won or purchased items. If you would like to proceed in an alternative way than those offered to you, please send us an email to You can bid on a current online auction until 7 p.m. on the last day of the auction. In case of a major auction, you can bid according to the deadline given on the website. The bidding proceeds according to increments.
  2. The comission of the buyer is 25%.
  3. IMPORTANT: The minimum bid field does not always show the currently highest bid. In the minimum bid field the second highest bid + the value of 1 increment appears!
  4. You can bid at the auction in person, on our website or via email, this way it can occur that an item receives two identical highest bids. In such cases, the bid made earlier wins.
  5. In case of a successful bidding you can see the bids made under the „My bids” menu, and we notify you in an automatic email if someone makes a higher bid than yours.
  6. During the bidding, the minimal bid field shows the second highest bid with an increased increment: if there is only one bid for the item, then the price according to the following increment can be seen. This price does not necessarily mean the sufficient bid for winning the item. For example, if for an item starting from 1 000 HUF there is a 1 000 and a 4 400 HUF bid, then you can see 1 200 HUF in the minimum bid field, which is naturally not enough for winning the item, but serves the interest of the highest bidder, because if no one else makes a further bid, the bidder making the 4 400 HUF offer gets the item for 1 200 HUF. Similarly, if a third bidder makes a 1 200 HUF offer, the system will notify him that there is a higher bid, and the minimum bid field will now change to 1 400 HUF. This will go on until he makes a bid at least of 4 600 HUF.
  7. On your personal page under the „My bids” menu you can see your bids made at the latest auctions and their status as well. If you visit the auction’s page, you can find under the „My bids” menu the items you bidded for at that very auction. At this page you can bid for an item the previously described way. The site refreshes if you or other client make a bid.
  8. You can make bids for the items in two ways: With the button on the left you can bid for the next possible advance. The amount is refreshed automatically. Or you can enter an amount over the next bidding advance - as big as you want - and then send it with the hammer button next to it or with enter.
  9. After the closing of the auction, the hammer prices can immediately be seen, and starting from then, the items left can be purchased at an upset price. The price of the item along with the added comission price, and the total cost of the buying can be viewed from 7:15 p.m. at your personal page under the items won menu, and you can download the results list in form of a chart as well. You can buy items left after the bidding immediately after the closing of the auction for an upset price + 25% comission price. You can put the items remained in the shopping cart by clicking on the „Buy” button next to the item, then you can finalize your purchase at the „Shipping cart” menu by sending the order. In case you don’t wish to buy the item any more, you can take it out of the shipping cart by clicking on the „Delete purchase” button. Here the payment and shipping methods given at the log-in apply as well. When purchasing left items, more customers can put the same item in their shopping cart. In this case, the customer sending the order the earliest time gets the item. The system will automatically send an email to you after a successful purchase.
  10. Bidding at a major auction proceeds according to the previous description with the following modifications and amendments. The auctioneer in the room can diverge from the increments according to his own views. You can bid for an item on our website until the winner is announced on the spot of the auction, until the hammering, and you can place your bid on the spot of the auction (or on the phone, if you have previously registered). You can buy a leftover item before the closing of the auction, if it has been anounced at the auction on the spot and no one has placed a valid bid on the item. The items hammered get into the possession of the buyer after paying the hammer price plus the 25% comission price.
  11. You can bid online until the last minute of the auction. We accept bids in writing or on the phone half an hour earlier in case of online auctions, and one hour earlier in case of major auctions, before the closing. We can take a guarantee for taking into consideration bids that arrive according to this range of time. The clock placed on our webpage shows the remaining time until the closing of the auction.
  12. The increments shown on the webpage are valid for both online and major auctions. You can place a bid with a sum that covers the full increment. (For example, if the bid starts from 1 000 HUF, you bid with increments of 200 HUF until 5 000 HUF, this way, a bid of 1 500 HUF will not be accepted by the system, only of 1 400 HUF or 1 600 HUF.)
  13. After the auction the winner gets a notification email of the results of the auction. (If it hasn’t arrived, you should check the Spam folder of your email account, and you can place the letters from the Company into your Inbox.) The results can be immediately seen on the webpage as well, following the process of the one-minute evaluation programme, and the client can see the results of his own bids at his personal page. In case of a major auction, this takes usually a bit longer time.
  14. The Darabanth Co. cannot be held responsible for damages caused by unforeseen technical or natural events or for derangements caused by malfunctioning.
    The Co. is entitled to extend or restart the auction in case of a serious technical error. It must immediately notify the bidders by email or announcement. This right is not an obligation. The decision is the right of the Company.
  15. The bidding proceeds according to increments:
    up to 1 000 HUF 100 HUF
    up to 5 000 HUF 200 HUF
    up to 10 000 HUF 500 HUF
    up to 20 000 HUF 1 000 HUF
    up to 50 000 HUF 2 000 HUF
    up to 100 000 HUF 5 000 HUF
    up to 200 000 HUF 10 000 HUF
    up to 500 000 HUF 20 000 HUF
    up to 1 000 000 HUF 50 000 HUF
    over 1 000 000 HUF 100 000 HUF

Personal receipt of the won items

  1. You have the opportunity for a personal receipt and to pay for the purchased items in 2 weeks following the first working day after the auction (usually Monday). Unpaid items will be charged with 5% interest for delay after two weeks. For items of greater expanse, unreceived for a long time, the Darabanth Co. can charge a storage fee.
    After 3 auctions we are entitled to charge storing fee even for paid and not collected bulky lots.
    If the buyer has a listed item at the auction, the Company can include the value of the item into the debt of the costumer.
  2. The Darabanth Co. can suspend the client’s account on the webpage if he has an unpaid item either for a longer period than 1 month, or an unpaid item of a greater value.
  3. If the buyer opted for a postal delivery during the bidding, we will send a notification email a few days after the auction, regarding the postage fee. (Again, you should check the Spam folder in case the email has not arrived.) Or, if you ordered that way, we can send the item as a collect package to you.

Shipment of the won items

Shipment of the purchased and won items

If you opted for the postal shipment or delivery at the login or at the order, we will send a new notification email regarding the postal fees to you a few working days following the order / the closing of the auction. (Again, please check the Spam folder in case the email hasn’t arrived.) We will send a confirming email following your order.

We automatically send an email following every order in our webshop.

The Darabanth Co. will do everything to send the package to the buyer at the most favourable price and at the same time, in the safest way possible. Items can be delivered on the post, via the Fáma or the DPD courier services.

In case of postal acceptance you can pay for the purchased items in the following way:

  • via bank transfer in advance
  • by giving the number, the expiration date and the cvc code of your bank card in advance
  • via cash in at the bank (this means a plus cost of 276 HUF)
  • via international postal order

We ship items abroad after previous payment only.

  • In case of letters sent abroad, fees of the Hungarian Post are valid, in the case of items of greater expanse or value, we transfer them via the DPD courier service. You can find the DPD’s international fees at termekek_es_szolgaltatasok/dijak .
  • We use the courier services EMS, UPS and Fedex to countries where the DPD does not deliver or it is not possible to send insured packages via the Hungarian Post, or we send items of smaller value as a recommended or as a recorded delivery.
  • We ship items of greater value via recommended letter only at the responsiblity of the client if the client asks so in writing, and pays for the purchase via transfer, postal voucher or in cash. In this case, we cannot accept payment via card.

The item has not arrived

If you marked postal acceptance when placing the bid,

  • you can see under the Personal page – Won items menu, when the item has been shipped. If you can find nothing here, or a long period of time has passed, please send us an email to or call us.
  • You can request information regarding the items sent via courier services shortly, but in case of the Hungarian Post it usually takes more time. We do everything we can, and we ask for your kind patience as such cases often take weeks of time.

Postal inquiry:

  • If the shipment of the Post has not arrived, you can send an inquiry 30 days after the date of posting. Starting from then, the Post has a month to respond.
  • When the Post confirms that the shipment is lost, we hand in the claim for restitution. After the positive reply at the restitution we pay our client the already spent costs back.

Referring both to courier services and to the Hungarian Post:


In case of any harm or damage done, we can validate reclamations towards the shipping company only if the damage of the shipment is immediately taken noticed by the client and/or reported in an official record, or if the client refused to accept the seriously damaged package. If neither of this happens, the shipping company is free from restitution, and the Darabanth company is not obliged to pay restitution to the client either.


Accepted payment methods

Hungarian bank accounts:

Paying in HUF

MBH Bank:
(IBAN: HU19) 10300002-20241728-00003285

Paying in Euro:

MBH Bank:
(IBAN: HU17) 10300002-20241728-48820026

Alternative payment methods:

Via international postal order


Shipping to the auction

  1. We take over items at the areas related to the auction’s collectioners. The lowest starting price for items that can be shipped to an online auction is 1 000 HUF, to a major auction it is 3 000 HUF. Please hand in the items together with a previously prepared list of acceptance, where the item can be identified properly. You can print a form for the list here, or you can prepare your own similar form.
  2. At the administrative list the following should be found:
    • In case of philately: country, the according sign *, **… respectively
    • In case of Hungarian stamps the current catalogue price
    • In case of international stamps the Michel catalogue numbers

    If these are not included in the description, the Darabanth Co. supplies them, in valid cases for an extra charge.

    The items have to be delivered safely and in a presentable manner. (Stickpage, husk, case etc.) If these are missing at the acceptance of the item, the Darabanth Co. supplies them for an extra charge. We take over the items for auction only if they are cleaned of dust and dirt previously.

  3. The Darabanth Co. holds responsibility for the accepted items, keeps them intact, and in case of their loss or damage holds financial responsibility except for the case below. The expanse of the responsibility holds for the item’s starting price, minus the acceptance fees and costs.
  4. We accept extremely fragile items (eg. porcelain, glass) only in proper and safe package. We don’t hold responsibility for damage of items delivered in improper package.
  5. The Darabanth Co. vouches for the accepted items by an acceptance check. The Co. holds the right for refusing the acceptance of certain items. Especially, but not exclusively: fake, worthless, of great expanse, fragile, unfitting the profile or overpriced items. The Co. is entitled to give later the accepted item back, if a need for this during the process arises.
  6. The description of the item can be made by the client or, after giving the basic informations, he can charge the Co. with it.
  7. The Darabanth Co. proceeds with the item’s description and pricing according to its best knowledge, considering the professional requirements and the usual practice as well, without any additional charges. (Except for making catalogues for collections.) If the client has charged the Co. with the pricing and the description of the item, and the Co. has described the item professionally and faithfully, and has priced it professionally, the client cannot raise further objections, and the Co. is not obliged to change its description.
  8. The Darabanth Co. is entitled to change the description handed in by the client, in case it is unprofessional, unfaithful, lenghty or its format does not resemble the commonly used form at auctions.
  9. The Darabanth Co. is entitled to change the starting price given by the client, in agreement with him.
  10. The obligation of the Darabanth Co.:
    • The professional process, proper storage, handling and presentation of the accepted items to enquirers.
    • The Co. takes charge for presenting the procedeed items in the printed and online catalogue of the auction.
    • In the online catalogue and the catalogue of the major auction in case of certain items with a picture, in case of greater items only online.

    Clients having an online account can follow their listed items at their personal page.

  11. The Darabanth Co. makes a sales contract at the auction with the highest bidder on the behalf of the seller. If no bid has arrived for the item at the auction, the Co. is entitled to sell the item at the sellout without informing the client, with a maximum of 10% of reduction to the bidder. In case of a lower bid the Co. informs the client, who can decide whether he accepts the offer or not. The Darabanth Co. is not obliged to sell the item for 10% less of the starting price.
  12. The Darabanth Co. is obliged to preserve the incognito of the sellers and the buyers, their datas will not be handed over to any third party, except in the case of enquiry of the authorities.
  13. The Darabanth Co. gives the unsold items at the settlement back or can include them in its following auction, if the parties decide so. The Darabanth Co. can ask the seller to reasonably lower its starting price for one time. If consensus regarding the price cannot be achieved, the Co. gives the item to the seller back, who is obliged to accept it within a reasonable period of time.
  14. The ownership of the item belongs to the seller until the payment of the buying price and costs, but the rights are practiced by the Darabanth Co. representing the seller. According to this, the Darabanth Co. is entitled to require the unpaid items’ price from the seller back even following the settlement. Likewise, the Darabanth Co. can validate claims regarding the originality of the accepted items.

Costs of listing an item

  1. The Darabanth Co. settles with the seller following the sellout at the auction and pays the money he is entitled for. The Co. is entitled to extract the comission and the handling fees from the selling price of the item. If a special expert opinion was necessary for selling the item, then the Co. is entitled to extract these costs as well.
  2. We charge a handling fee for every item consigned for our auctions: 360 HUF for the first time and 120 HUF after the first time.
    For certain items (objects) the handling fee is 600 HUF for the first time and 200 HUF after the first time. This includes flea market items, picture frames, framed paintings, graphics, porcelain and ceramic sets, stamp collections, albums, boxed postcard items.
    We use individual handling fee for particularly large items and collections.
  3. Also we charge a consigner's commission after every sold item which is calculated in % from the starting price and charged from the hammer price.
    Starting from (HUF) Up to (HUF) Commission (%)
    1 000 HUF 20 000 HUF 20%
    22 000 HUF 200 000 HUF 16%
    220 000 HUF 1 000 000 Ft 12%
    1 100 000 Ft   9%

A commission altering from the percentages above can be fixed especially in case of a regular shipping of a greater value.


We will put the unsold items to every second auction. If you do not want this, please let us know either in advance or by the end of the sale of the unsold lots, and take the items within two weeks of settlement. If this not happens for two months we can be put the unsold items back to auction with a maximum of -20% discount!


Removing listed items

  1. Removal of a listed item is possible only in fairly justified cases. (Eg. the seller was not entitled to sell the item.) In this case the Darabanth Co. can require the payment of missed commissions and of other possible costs, and can withheld the item until the payment is proceeded.
  2. If the removal concerns an item of the auction of great attention and of significant value, the Darabanth Co. can ask for paying restitution for the non-financial damages of its credit and fair name as well.
  3. The seller can require the removal of the listed item free of charge, if this got into the catalogue with the wrong description, or has been listed in the wrong section and this influenced the chances for selling the item significantly.
  4. The parties are obliged to handle the informations revealed during their cooperation discreetly.

Privacy policy

We only process the personal data provided by you during the registration for the use of service and to keep contact with you. Giving personal data is voluntary. During registration we record your username, address, e-mail address and phone number. Our website stores cookies on your computer. We do not process special categories of personal data.

We contact with the user for direct marketing purposes at the user’s own request and consent.

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I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Darabanth Ltd. (1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 16.) in the user database of will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 30-32.) and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following: name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address. The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:

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You can request our company to delete your personal data processed by us. Regardless of the request, in case of purchase we store your personal data in our system as it is defined by law (for fulfilling requests made by the court or the police). We store it for six years after the last purchase or consignment although these won’t be directly accessible anymore.

You can unsubscribe our newsletter by clicking on the regarding link in the newsletter itself.

Registration number: NAIH-135286/2017


Saved searches

You can save your searches on our website. If you didn't find the item you need or if you want to monitor one or more keyword continuously, it is useful to save your searches. To use this function, you have to click on the save ("floppy") icon next to the "Search" button after searching or use the "Save search" button at the bottom of the page. Important! You have to turn on the email notification separately, after you saved your search.

Click on the "My saved searches" button appearing after saving a search or click on the "My saved searches" button in the "My pages" section (right upper corner). Here in the "Alert" column you can turn on the e-mail notification and you can set up the time of the notification (1 or 6 days before the end of the auction).


Company data

Darabanth Philatelic and Numismatic Auctions Co.
Trade register number: Cg. 01-09-732498
Tax number: 13384643-2-42




Mint Never Hinged Imperforated
Hinged Used
Without gum Piece
Cover Airmail


Postally unused card Postcard with stamp OR text
Postally used card Excellent quality
Excellent quality/Good Good quality
Good quality/Minor defect Minor defect
Minor defect/Damaged card Damaged card
Embossed Postal stationery
Special cancellation Small tear
Damaged backside Missing corner
Minor corner crease Corner crease
Stain Crease
Artist Signed Damaged
Litho Restored / Repaired
Non postcard backside  


Conditions of coins, medals, plaques:

C:PP (Proof) Mirror-like field, matted embossments on the reflective surface. C:P (Proof-like) A coin struck from a highly polished die which produces a mirror-like, reflective surface upon the field and sometimes the devices of the coin.
C:BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) Uncirculated coin with original mint luster. C:Unc (Uncirculated) The coin was not circulated, and it is pratically flawless.
C:AU (Almost Uncirculated) The coin is almost flawless, small wear on bilging parts. C:XF (Extremely Fine) Worn or lightly scratched on the bilging parts.
C:VF (Very Fine) Letters and numbers are worn. C:F (Fine) The bilging parts are mostly worn but the coin is easily identifiable.
C:VG (Very Good) The surface is worn almost flat. C:G (Good) The whloe coin is worn, but still identifiable.
C:Pr (Poor) The coin is barely identifiable.  

Conditions of banknotes:

C:Unc (Uncirculated) New banknote, never folded, never circulated. C:AU (Almost Uncirculated) Not folded, with little crease or dog-ear.
C:XF (Extremely Fine) - Once folded, with slight creases, flawless corners, material, color. C:VF (Very Fine) Folded, some wear and minimal dirt.
C:F (Fine) - Folded many times, rounded corners, lightly stained, worn and can have small tears. C:VG (Very Good) Worn note with many tears and holes.
C:G (Good) Torn, hollow, stained, folded, creased. C:Pr (Poor) A note with severe damage, large holes and tears, graffiti and may have glue holding it together.

Legend, error types:

  • metal error
  • brooch mark
  • ND (no date)
  • slightly curved
  • slightly scratched
  • spotted
  • soldering mark
  • with ear
  • ear mark
  • curved
  • unfolded
  • wavy coin
  • wavy paper
  • adjustment
  • cracked
  • scratched
  • small edge error
  • small ding
  • corrosion
  • planchet error
  • hole
  • plugged hole
  • edge error
  • polished
  • gluemark
  • sticked
  • cracked
  • restored
  • missing corner
  • corner wear
  • folded corner
  • tear
  • torn
  • dirty
  • needle hole
  • fingerprint
  • ding
  • enamel missing
  • enamel error

Type of material:

  • Ag (silver)
  • Al (aluminium)
  • Al-Br (aluminium-bronze)
  • Nickel silver
  • Au (gold)
  • Billon
  • Bi (bimetal)
  • Br (bronze)
  • Cu (copper)
  • Cu-Ni (copper-nickel)
  • Cu-Ni-Zn (copper-nickel-zinc)
  • Fe (iron)
  • war metal
  • Ni (nickel)
  • porcelain
  • brass
  • Sn (tin)
  • tombac
  • Zn (zinc)


  • R
  • RR
  • RRR
  • Unique


Adamo Adamovszky István: Magyar szükségpénz katalógus 1723-1959. Budapest 2008. Adamo Uő: Magyar bankjegy katalógus 1795-1925. Budapest 2009.
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Adamo Uő: Az érem 1901-2011. Budapest 2011. Adamo Uő: Bankjegyek alkalmi felülbélyegzései. Budapest 2009.
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Unger Uő: Magyar éremhatározó I-III. Budapest 1997-2001.

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