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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the next auction?

We are organizing Online auctions twice a month (the first and the third Thursday of each month) and two major auctions a year. For the exact dates please go to the Events calendar.

2. What's the consignment deadline?

Consignments may be submitted anytime in our office and the consigned items are rather soon auctioned because of our regular auction schedule. For a given auction you can submit your material three weeks prior to the closing date.

3. When can I pick up my items from your office?

Personal pickup of the won items is available from 10am on the first work day after the auction closing date (which is Monday after a regular Online auction closing on Thursday). Our major auctions are usually held at weekends, so in such cases our office is closed on the following Mondays and you can pick up your items from Tuesday 10am.

4. Is there really no way I could pick up my items on Friday even if I am coming from a faraway city and I am busy throughout the week?

Sorry but our office is closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so picking up your items on these days is not possible.

5. Do the experts come to my place?

Usually they don't but in case of larger and more valuable collections this option can be subject of negotiation. We are looking forward to any interest and proposal during our opening hours.

6. Do I have to make an appointment before visiting your office?

In case you would like to sell or auction your items, please just visit our office during our opening hours. There is no need to make an appointment but if you have a larger or a more exclusive collection, it is better to contact one of our experts in advance.

7. How much does appraisal cost?

Appraisal is free of charge except in case of large, time-consuming collections. The cost of such appraisals is subject of negotiation.
No e-mail or phone aprraisals!

8. Where should I bring my items?

Philately, coins and banknotes, medals and postcards: first floor
Paintings, books, photos, old documents, decorative items, chinaware and other vintage collectibles: third floor

9. For selling items, what kind of personal documents shall I bring along?

In case you want to sell your items to us, please bring along your personal ID or passport, otherwise we cannot pay for you.

10. Can I only bring consignments to your auctions or can I also sell you items for cash?

Certainly, cash buying is available. Our experts can name a cash buying price or a suggested auction starting price as well.

11. If the item is large or if it's an extensive collection, is it enough if I send you a photo of it?

It is worth sending us such pictures because this way we can tell in advance whether the items are worth being brought to our office.

12. My coins have stains or dirt on them. Shall I clean them before I bring them to you?

No! If a noncompetent person cleans the coins, he can cause damage to them or enirely ruin the value of the coins.

13. I forgot my client number. What should I do?

You can request a client number reminder or you can set a new password anytime at the login site. If you have further problems, please contact us.

14. How can I collect the money after my consignments?

The unsold auction items are available for a couple more days after the closing of the auction. Payments after sold consignments are available according to the dates published at our website. Consignors of our major auctions are also informed by email.

15. What does the sale of the unsold lots mean?

The unsold items are available for the starting price (+ 22% buyer's premium) for 4-5 days after the closing of the auction.

16. How can I place a bid?

You need to register at the 'Login, registration' section of our website in order to be able to place bids at our auctions. In case you have no access to a computer, you can send your bids over the phone or via fax.

17. How can I place a bid by phone?

Please call our customer service, so that our colleagues could register your bids. IMPORTANT: Bidding over the phone (and also by e-mail or fax) is only available until half an hour before the auction closing.

18. The auction is already online but some photos are missing. How is that possible?

We are auctioning 11000-14000 lots per auction so it takes some time to upload all of the photos. Our colleagues do their best to accomplish this task as soon as possible but sometimes this takes 1-2 more days. The images are uploaded continuously.

19. Can I participate in the auctions personally?

We are organizing Online auctions twice a month, which means that you can view the lots personally (at our office) but the auction itself takes place online.
We are holding two major auctions a year with the chance to bid personally in a Budapest auction hall (not all collecting fields, so please read the auction catalogues carefully)

20. Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our items are matching the given descriptions and for this we take on the responsibility. Please note whenever an item description contains the words 'signed' or 'without guarantee'.

21. More bids on an auction lot, still it is sold for the starting price. How is that possible?

An auction lot is always sold to the highest bidder. It is possible that the very same person places multiple bids or more bidders offer the same amount (either over the phone or by e-mail) - in the latter case the auction lot is sold to the first bidder.

22. How much does shipping cost?

We are always aiming at the quickest and most efficient method of shipping. International shipping methods are registered mail (or per request ordinary mail as well), EMS Hungarian express mail service or DPD parcel service. For more informations about the shipment see our Terms and conditions.

23. Some of my consigned items have not been sold at the auction and I would like to submit these to the next auction once again. Why isn't it possible?

Our consecutive auctions are both available for a couple of days. As one item cannot be enlisted in two auctions at the same time, we can only enlist it at every second auction.

24. Is personal viewing available for the complete online material?

Not entirely. A newly uploaded auction material could only be viewed within the given time period (for storage capacity reasons).

25. How can I view the auction items personally?

Firstly, you need to fill in a personal viewing form with your personal data, client number and the requested auction lot numbers. For this reason it is useful to note down the lot numbers before your visit.You can view 30 items with one viewing sheet.Please return all the items in their original condition after the viewing.

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